Comfort zone heater keeps shutting off

Comfort zone heater keeps shutting off. Heaters are the best appliance that keeps your house warm and comfortable in cold weather.

Comfort zone produces nice quality electric space heaters which make your home comfortable.

The style and size may vary from brand to brand but the technology is the same for most brands. As the technology for most of the heaters is the same, hence the errors associated with heaters can be common in all brand types.

The worst situation is when the heater keeps shutting off. It’s hard to find the reason if the heaters keep shutting off repeatedly.

Buying a new heater is economically not good, so repair the heater to fix the repeated turning off. Here is the guide to explore the possible reasons why the comfort zone heaters keep shutting off.

Comfort zone heater keeps shutting offComfort zone heater keeps shutting off

The comfort zone heaters have built-in safety features that prevent heaters from any sort of failure. The power supply may also get some errors which can result in the heater keeps shutting off. If any of the components get faulty or have problems then the comfort zone heaters keep shutting off.

If there is a problem with your comfort zone heater or the electric power supply the heater will shut off repeatedly and your room will not get the desired temperature level.

You need to take extra caution while tracing and fixing the issue because the comfort zone heaters operate at a 120-volt power. Electric current poses a high risk when there is a short circuit.

So, take proper safety precautions before starting to work on the comfort zone heaters. Plug off the heater and don’t touch the electric parts while the heater is plugged in.

Inspect the power delivery

Electrical power supply is an important factor for comfort zone heaters. The heater is dependent on the electrical power supply of your house.

Think of the fault with your electrical system, it also affects the performance of the space heater, and sometimes it shut off unexpectedly.

The following are common problems with most electrical systems

  • Faulty breaker

A faulty breaker could be the reason for the heater keeps shutting off. Check the breaker, inspect for any wear out, breaker may look perfect but there might be a low current supply for heaters.

If the breaker is tripping continually, replaces the breaker with a new one. installing a new breaker demands enough electrical knowledge, contact the electrician for assistance.

  • Wiring and cables

Wiring and cables play an important role in keeping the appliances working. If the wiring is too old, it might be possible that it can handle the load.

Other appliances with extra consumption of electric current may cause problems with the old wiring.

  • Faulty or damaged components

Damaged and faulty electric outlets cause the problem. Check the electric outlets and power cord on the comfort zone heater for any damage or cracks.

Check the air filter

The air filter is a vital part of the heaters, it protects the heating coil. The air filter keeps the air cleaner and fresh. The faulty or clogged air filter causes a minimum or no air flowing through the heater. If the airflow is reduced it causes the heater temperature to reach an unsafe temperature limit and the heater sensor shuts off the heater.


Comfort zone heater keeps shutting off. Are One of the reliable heating systems most homeowners love to use. But it’s frustrating when the heater keeps shutting off. Fixing the issue without knowing the reason is harder, so firstly you have to find the reason behind the error. if your heater gets faulty it’s better to repair rather than replace it with a new heater. Perform routine service to keep your comfort zone heater functioning.

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