Descale Keurig with vinegar

Descale Keurig with vinegar. Keurig is a coffee machine that has changed the at-home barista. Keurig has made the coffee-making job an easy task.

Besides coffee, you can also get tea, espresso, lattes, and hot chocolate. But over time your Keurig may get a layer of minerals and lime that’s called the scale of minerals.

When the scales of minerals get into the components of Keurig you may notice a slow brew or no water coming out of Keurig.

Cleaning the Keurig can be an effective task to maintain the Keurig, but sometimes you need to deep clean or descale your Keurig to remove the builds of minerals and lime. Vinegar is acidic and breaks the lime and minerals buildup, so using vinegar is a good choice.

Descale Keurig with vinegarDescale Keurig with vinegar 2022

To descale your Keurig with vinegar unplug it from the socket. Add vinegar and water into the reservoir in equal quantities.

Now plug on the machine and turn on a brew cycle, empty the cup after a brew, and repeat the process until you get a water light on the Keurig. After you’ve emptied the reservoir, refill it with fresh water and restart the brew cycle.

Check if the vinegar smell is gone from the Keurig and your Keurig is ready for next use. follow the steps below to easily descale Keurig.

Descale your Keurig in 8 simple steps with vinegar

  • The first step is to unplug the Keurig machine and empty the reservoir, take out all water from the reservoir.
  • Next, remove the filter kit or any installed filters. remove the coffee cup and handle.
  • Now take white vinegar and add it to the reservoir in a ratio with water 50/50. Put back the reservoir and plugin the machine again.
  • Now make sure you have emptied the k-cup pod holder and leave the holder with no cup.
  • In the first attempt try the brew option with 10oz cup only. Repeat the process until the brewer sends you a message to add water. Check the last water cup for any smell of vinegar.
  • Now let the vinegar sit for an hour to get better results. the more time you give the vinegar to sit, the better descaling result you will get.
  • Now clean the reservoir and refill it with fresh water.
  • Run the brew cycle for as many cups as you can until the Keurig asks you to add more water.
  • You will see after the brewing cycle the vinegar smell will go off.
  • If the Keurig still smells vinegar, fill the reservoir with water and run the brew cycle again, this will Defiantly work to eliminate the vinegar smell.

How long you should leave vinegar in a Keurig to descale?

Vinegar is acidic, so when you brew a vinegar cup of hot vinegar water, it’s recommended to pour it into the sink. You must repeat the process until the water light on your Keurig comes on.

Vinegar has acidic behavior it can damage the component of Keurig so, don’t leave the vinegar in the Keurig for more than one hour.

Is Keurig descaling solution better than vinegar?

The descaling method for Keurig solution and vinegar remains same, you need to follow the same procedure.

Experts recommend using vinegar descaling solution over the vinegar. So get a descaling product of Keurig to descale rather than using vinegar.


White vinegar has a good descaling power that removes the lime and mineral buildup inside the Keurig. Descale Keurig with vinegar only when you don’t have a descaling solution recommended by Keurig otherwise it’s better to use Keurig’s descaling product.

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