Dyson vacuum not sucking

Dyson vacuum not sucking. Dyson vacuum cleaners are known for having the most powerful suction capabilities of any vacuum cleaner on the market, but they can also be tweaked to fit your specific needs.

They have powerful tools that can suck dirt, debris, and pet hair from every nook and cranny of your home, yet they can also be switched off when not in use.

Dyson vacuum not suckingvacuum not sucking

Clogs or blockages are the most typical cause of suction issues. Blocked hoses are a common reason, but if the filters aren’t clean, even a clean hose won’t have good suction.

If you’ve just washed your filters and are still experiencing weak suction, try washing them again because fine dust clogs filters much more quickly than regular household dust.

Filters must be cleaned

As previously said, the first thing to do if your Dyson vacuum isn’t picking up dirt from your carpet is to clean the filters.

When a vacuum’s filters become clogged, the vacuum’s capacity to pick up dirt is reduced or eliminated. It’s probable that this holds true for your Dyson model as well.

If that’s the case, simply wash the filter, dry it, and replace it inside the vacuum cleaner. Also, make sure your airways are clear, in case they’re clogged with dirt and debris as well!

Look into the Roller

It is especially important to check the roller brushes on your vacuum if you have pets. The hairs will get tangled up in the brush and may prevent the suction from reaching the surface of your carpet or flooring.

Nothing can ruin a pet owner’s day for sure! You need to keep these brushes clean and lessen the risk of clogs by removing any excess fur prior to powering back up after an issue occurs.

Cleaning NozzleCleaning Nozzle

If you have your own handheld Dyson and want to rapidly inspect its nozzle, simply toggle between “in brush” and “out of brush” mode using the button on the handle.

In the latter, you can examine the vacuum’s nozzle in great detail.

Although this technique takes only a few seconds, it will help you to rule out any obstructions or other issues.

Vacuum Robot

If you, Robot Vacuum, are having trouble sucking up dirt from your surroundings, it could be an indicator that the filter in your bottom needs to be cleaned.

In this case, make sure the bin is empty before removing the filter and carefully rinsing it under the faucet until the dirt is gone.

Why does my Dyson not have suction?

You’ve just washed your filter and are now picking up plaster dust and maybe paint dust but you can see that the suction on your vacuum cleaner is hampered because hey, you’ve been running it for a while so it’s harder to suck things up.

Don’t worry. You’ll be fine as long as the filter itself is clean! Remember to wash the filters regularly to keep the suction of the vacuum good otherwise this might result in clogged filters or other problems in the future.

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