Frigidaire refrigerator not cooling freezer working

Frigidaire refrigerator not cooling freezer working. A Frigidaire refrigerator is used for the cooling process and is best for preserving food for a long time. Its freezer is working, but the refrigerator is not working, which means it is not making cooling.

The cooling in the refrigerator is very important, and if it is not making cooling, then this is not good for food and other things that you have preserved in the freezer and the refrigerator.

If your appliance is on but not working, this indicates the refrigerator’s issue; without a problem or issue, the refrigerator does not give any error.

Frigidaire refrigerator not cooling freezer workingrefrigerator not cooling freezer working

The refrigerator issue may be severe if you do not solve that, but some are easy and can be solved. Some are very easy, and you can do these on your behalf with a small effort.

These are not complex, but also not easy as these are problems and you have to solve them. Here are some tasks; if you perform them, you can come to know how easy it is to solve the problem:

Set thermostat

The solution to this problem is that you have to set the thermostat; the problem is maybe with the thermostat, which means that the thermostat is disturbed and does not allow the refrigerator to make cooling.

Cooling of the refrigerator may depend on the thermostat; if the thermostat maintains temperature and does not allow the refrigerator to heat the room if the thermostat is creating an issue, then you have to correct it and set it as it does not allows the temperature to get high.

When the thermostat issue is solved, the room temperature becomes suitable for the refrigerator; the refrigerator starts working and cooling.

Check coils

Now you have to check the coils that may be creating issues; coils may be dirty and not working well. There is an issue with the dirty coils; you have to vacuum them or do any dusting to maintain their working.

These coils are perfect, and they also have a main role in the working; they work very well, and if there is any issue in the coils, they get hot and do not maintain the working of the refrigerator.

When coils get hot, these are the cause of the bad working, and you have to maintain the coils by cleaning them and taking them away from the hotness.

If coils get hot, then they do not maintain the temperature and create a big issue in the freezer working but not making cooling.

Close the door of the refrigerator completelyClose the door of the refrigerator completely

Please close the refrigerator door thoroughly, and do not allow any distance in the door because sometimes children g near the refrigerator. When they close the door, it does not maintain the well sealing.

If the door is not sealed, this does not allow the cooling to make in the refrigerator because opened door catches the outside temperature and does not allow the refrigerator to make the cooling well.

When the door is sealed completely, this does not evaporate the cooling and absorb the hot from outside, so please close the door and do not allow any space in the door to disturb the working.

Check the evaporator fan

Now you have to check the evaporator fan; there is an issue with the evaporator fan. This is a handy thing for the excellent preservation of the food.

When this fan works, the food you have kept in the refrigerator and maintained fresh; nothing can disturb the freshness if this fan works well. Still, if this fan gets worse, this is a big reason for not maintaining the temperature.

Evaporator fans evaporate the hot that is inside the food and the refrigerator and make the environment of the refrigerator cool.

Please take care of this fan, which is vital to the refrigerator’s cooling. If this fan is disturbed and it is not working, the temperature is disturbed and not make cooling in the presence of the hotness.

Plug the refrigerator carefully into the power

The plugging of the refrigerator is not good, and it is not cool if it has a power issue. The power presence is also significant; please plug the appliance into the power and make sure that the power is coming entirely without any issue; if there is an issue so, please solve the issue first and then plug this because without or the less amount of the power is not good.

Ensure the power is as good as it maintains the appliance’s working. Otherwise, this can still be a problem because power is the main thing.

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