How to clear pipe blockage

How to clear pipe blockage. Pipes are the most important component of the draining system. You can say the backbone of the drainage system.

When the pipe gets a blockage it’s an annoying situation. If the pipes get clogged there will be no drainage of water in your sink, bathtub, or shower tub.

It’s costly to fix the blockage of the sink. Experts have suggested some easy and quick ways to clear the pipe blockage, and you can do it yourself by knowing some important methods.

How to clear pipe blockageclear pipe blockage

There are several ways to clear the pipe blockage. Use of the baking soda and vinegar is a common and easy method. Pour half cup of baking soda and then vinegar.

After a few hours run hot water through the pipe. You can also go for the snaking method and chemical cleaners to clear a blocked pipe. Plunging is also a useful method that removes clogs by sucking air through the clogged pipe.

Follow the below useful methods to clear pipe blockage in an easier way.

Baking soda and vinegar

Baking soda and vinegar are eco-friendly methods to clear pipe blockage. Baking soda can be easily found at home and the same is with vinegar.Baking soda and vinegar

Baking soda with warm water helps to lose the buildup and vinegar reaction with baking soda breaks any clog of grease and hair.

  • Add ½ cup of baking soda to the clogged pipe, and add some hot water boiling water will be more effective.
  • Take ½ cup household vinegar and pour it into the drain, this will create a reaction of vinegar and baking soda, and wait for about 4 hours.
  • To get better results, leave it overnight, and add hot water to the sink or pipe. This will wash away the clogs.
  • Run more water to remove the small clogs as well. Check if the pipe is still blocked and repeat the whole process again.
  • If repeating the vinegar and baking soda treatment doesn’t work try the next method.

Chemical cleaners to clear pipe blockageChemical cleaners to clear pipe blockage

There are some good quality chemical products that serve best to clear pipe blockage. Chemical products are very effective but if not used with care they can damage the pipe.

Read the instructions provided by the manufacturer to effectively use the desired products.

These chemical products are easily available at stores, you should avoid any contact of chemical products with the skin, it can pose serious effects like dryness of the skin.

Some chemical cleaners are also available in powder form. The most common example is sodium hydroxide which reacts immediately to clear the clogged pipe.

Experts suggest running hot water through a clogged drain before applying the powder chemical cleaner. Add hot water to the pipe and wait for 2-5 minutes.

Now take two cups of dried chemical powder and pour it into the clogged pipe and wait for two to five minutes. The clogged will dissolved and you will get your clogged pipe clear.

Try Plunger to clear the pipe blockageTry Plunger to clear the pipe blockage

The plunger is one of the best supportive tools to clear clogged pipes. A plunger usually contains a straight handle attached to a flexible cup.

The plunger uses the suction power to suck air from the clogged pipe and it breaks the clog to let air pass.

  • Take a good plunger to use with your sink.
  • Add water to the sink or bathtub about 3 inches high.
  • Cover all nearby drains with the help of rags or other means.
  • Take the plunger cup and place it over the drain hole and start plunging, this will break the clogs to allow the air to pass Through the pipe.
  • Repeat the process again unless you get the clogged clear.

Use Drain Snake to clear the pipe blockage

A drain snake or hangers are good alternatives to be used to clear the pipe blockage. You can turn a cloth hanger into a drain hanger by straightening one end and making a hook on the other end.

If the cloth hanger doesn’t produce good results, visit the market and get the drain snake.

How to use a plunger to unclog a clogged sink


Dealing with the clogged drain is a headache. When the pipe gets blocked it comes up with plumbing costs as well. There are some good practices you can follow to clear the clogged pipes easily. Know the ways to clear the pipe blockage and save you a lot of plumbing expenses

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