How to deep clean Keurig

How to deep clean Keurig. Keurig coffee maker makes your every morning full of joyful with a fresh cup of coffee on demand.

The minerals in the water can make build-up calcium which can affect the performance of the Keurig coffee maker, and it’s a crucial situation to manage it.

The Keurig coffee maker can stop working, so to fix the scale build up the deep cleaning the Keurig coffee maker is recommended. We are going to discuss in detail the best methods about how to deep clean the Keurig coffee maker.

How to deep clean Keurigdeep clean Keurig

To deep clean your Keurig coffee maker, start by cleaning the detachable parts. Clean the outer surface of the Keurig coffee maker with a wipe towel or paper towel. Fill the water reservoir and add vinegar or other cleaning solution supported by Keurig.

Turn on your machine and choose the brew cycle, note that you double check there is no k-cup. Keep repeating the process until the water reservoir goes empty. Refill the water reservoir with more vinegar and run the brew cycle again.

Now fill the clean water inside the reservoir and run the normal brew cycle. Your Keurig coffee maker is now good to use for the next job.

INSTRUCTIONS TO deep clean the Keurig coffee maker

Follow below basics step to deep clean your Keurig coffee maker.

  1. The first step towards cleaning the Keurig coffee maker is to switch off and unplug your Keurig coffee maker from the socket.
  2. In the second step, you are required to disassemble all detachable parts one by one and keep them in a container to wash. This step helps to deep clean the hidden parts of the machine which get dirty over time of use.
  3. These parts include a water reservoir, mug stand, k-cup holder, and lid.
  4. Wash all detachable parts in warm soapy water, take a container and fill it with warm water, now add a fewer drop of dishwashing liquid. Take a soft brush and rub the parts gently, so that all build should go away.
  5. Clean the external surface of the machine. Take a soft cloth or paper towel and wipe out the surface of the machine. Remove all dirt and stains from the external surface of the coffee maker.
  6. Clean the area around the coffee pot holder, as this area gets coffee and tea gunnels.
  7. After cleaning the external surface of the coffee maker, now it’s time to deep clean the internal parts, you will need to run the brew cycle by adding white vinegar.
  8. Often it happens that coffee makers get a build-up of minerals in the water such as lime and calcium.
  9. White vinegar is one of the best cleaning agents, which helps to break the scale build-up from inside of the coffee makers. The process is known as descaling, you can also use the descaling solutions advised by the Keurig.
  10. Take the water reservoir of the coffee maker and fill the half with white distilled vinegar. Now add more water to the reservoir.
  11. Turn on the coffee maker and place a mug in the cup holder place. Run the brew cycle until the notification to add more water occurs.
  12. Repeat the process by adding more water and vinegar to the reservoir. It will remove all scale build-up.
  13. Now take clean water and run the brew cycle to rinse the coffee maker, now your Keurig coffee maker is good for your next use.


If you are using the personal Keurig coffee maker, it’s important to know how to use the Keurig coffee maker, and cleaning the machine is the most important concern. To remove the scale build-up deep cleaning the device will fix the issue and you can bring the Keurig to normal working condition.

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