How to get rid of yellow jackets in a wall

How to get rid of yellow jackets in a wall. Yellowjackets are among the most aggressive pests of wasp species. Yellowjackets are most common throughout the summer, and they can sting numerous times.

They are most feared because of aggressive behavior and can attack you at any time. The Yellowjackets create a nest in your house, garden, or any favorite place.

It’s hard to get rid of the yellowjacket’s nest, because of their aggressive behavior. The worst thing is that you may also get allergic to their sting. There are two ways to get yellowjackets, you can contact an exterminator or you can do it yourself.

How to get rid of yellow jackets in a wallget rid of yellow jackets in a wall

To get rid of the yellowjackets from the wall, you need to locate their nest. After finding the nest takes a suitable insecticide or a good spray foam. Spray the foam on the opening of the yellowjacket’s colony to saturate it, the best time is night. You can kill yellow jackets by killing their colony.

Use trap and bait stations to get rid of the yellowjackets.

The best method to get rid of yellow jackets on a wall

Choose a suitable treatment or insecticide-killing spray, or other treatments to get rid of the yellowjackets from a wall.

Find the nest of yellowjackets

After choosing a treatment for the yellow jacket, the next step is about locating their nest.

The location of the nest helps in the selection of the treatment for yellowjackets. The below points can assist you in the easy finding of a nest of yellow jackets.

  • Take your protective measurements and put on protective clothing, full sleeves, pants, mask, face cover, and eye protection, cover your skin to reduce the chances of the sting.
  • You can find the nest’s location by noticing a buzzing sound. The colony of yellowjackets contains hundreds of insects, and they produce distinct noise.
  • Follow the lone jackets to determine their nest locations, And find the size of their nest. As the treatment is dependent on the nest size.

Apply the treatment at night

The best time to deal with the yellow jackets is the night or dusk. In day time yellow jackets are active and they can attack you.

The yellowjackets killing sprays are good to kill the individual insects, to small and medium nests/colonies. Sprays are more effective for the yellowjackets colonies in the open structure rather than hidden.

  • Choose a long nozzle aerosol spray to easily reach the areas from a distance. Take two bottles of spray to Saturate the area.
  • Spray the opening and closing of the nest. This will help to kill yellow jackets quickly.
  • If the insects came out of the nest, before they fly, spray directly to Kill them.
  • Wait for 24 hours and check the nest for any activity of the yellow jackets. Repeat the spray treatment if needed.

Note: it’s prohibited to spray near any food area or water well. Read the instructions of the manufacturer for further knowledge.

Install an electric zapperInstall an electric zapper

The bug-zappers are very effective for Killing the yellowjackets. as yellowjackets are more attracted by the bug zappers.

The electric zapper produces a sound and vibration, in reaction yellowjackets attack the device. Install the electric zapper near the nest or colony of the yellow jackets.

Note, electric zapper cannot kill all the colonies of the yellow jackets, it should be used in conjunction with other methods.

Traps and bait stations

Hanging traps and bait stations protect you from insects and yellow jackets. Bair stations protect your food part from insects.

Yellowjackets and other insects are attracted by sweet food, so trap them with some sweetness inside the trap. Keep checking and refresh the bait stations and traps.


The worst situation is when you find a buzzing sound of yellowjackets in your house. They can easily invade your house and make their nest/colony. Mostly the yellowjackets are found in the summer season.

They should be treated immediately otherwise they can create serious dangers like yellowjacket’s sting allergy, and they are aggressive too. Apply the yellowjackets killing treatments at night. because during the daytime yellowjackets keep themselves active.

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