How to install gutters without fascia

How to install gutters without fascia. A fascia is an important component for installing gutters, fascia is connected to the roof and takes the weight of gutters, but it is not a must one.

Gutters can be installed without fascia by several means and one of the best methods is to install a gutter by using the roof straps.

Roof straps hold the gutters securely while preventing your house from rainwater or melted snow. Fit the roof straps to your gutter’s hanger and roof. follow the below guide to effectively install gutters without fascia.

Tools you may need to install the gutters without fascia

  • Duckbill tin snips
  • Ladder
  • Measuring tape
  • Pop rivet gun
  • Cordless drill
  • Hex head driver
  • Offset tin snips
  • Crimper

How to install gutters without fasciainstall gutters without fascia

Fascia holds the gutters to the roof, but you can also install the gutter without fascia. Use the roof straps to install the gutters. The roof straps could be metal pieces or any other material that is connected to the roof and the other end connects with the gutter.

The roof straps support the weight of the gutter as its directly connected to the roof. This is the secure method you can connect the gutters without fascia.

Seven easy steps to install gutters without fascia

Here are the seven easy steps recommended by experts to install a gutter without fascia.

  1. Take measurements. In the first step, you are required to take measurements of your house. Along with measurement, also mark your downspout areas. Check for any section that could be challenging while installing gutters.
  2. Cut gutters as per requirements. Cut gutters as per the requirements taken earlier. This involves cutting the gutter with the desired length, now cut both sides front and back. Bent the gutter as needed and then cut the bottom. For the easy joining of sections with the corner piece down line, take your tin snips and notch the gutter.
  3. Snap the gutter sections together. Lay all the sections about 1-1/2 from the edge. Find the gutter sections you notched earlier and hook the front lip of the corner over a notched section, then snap over the gutter.
  4. Rivet the sections: Take a drill machine and drill a hole of 1/8 inches at the front of the gutter, it is useful for riveting the section. Now take the rivet gun and install the first rivet repeat the process until you have done with all the needed rivets.
  5. Caulk the seam/joints and preassemble: identify the seams and caulk them with a good quality sealant to avoid any gaps. Preassemble everything before taking the gutters up.
  6. Adjust the outlet: This step demands you to mark the downspout outlet and cut the outlet hole, it should be 1/16 inches from the outside line. And rivet the outlet in predrilled 1/8 inches hole.
  7. Attach the gutters: Measure and identify the gutter slope. Here you need to mark the gutter slop as per requirements. Now attach the gutters to your home using the roof straps. The last step is about attaching the gutter flashing and then elbows to your downspout.

How far should gutters be from the house?

The 3 to 4 feet distance from your home is best as recommended by experts. But the distance depends on your choice you can extend it to as much as you want to keep away rain water at safe distance.


The use of gutters is recommended for every house and keeps rainwater away from the walls and foundation of your house.

Knowing How to install the gutters without fascia is a matter of concern for many homeowners. Read the methods above to securely install gutters without fascia.

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