How to install vinyl gutters

How to install vinyl gutters. Gutters are the most important tool for every house owner, gutters protect your home from rainwater, snow, and other factors.

There are various types of gutters available in the market but vinyl gutters are best because they are easy to install.

Moreover, vinyl gutters are popular among many homeowners due to their low cost and easy installation. You can easily install vinyl gutters with the right knowledge and tools. Follow the Complete guides below to install vinyl gutters.

Tools needed to install vinyl gutters

  • A measuring tapes.
  • Paper and pen
  • Ladder and assistance by a friend
  • Hammer and power drill
  • Hacksaw and chalk line

How to install vinyl guttersinstall vinyl gutters

To install the vinyl gutters, start by determining the location where you want to drain the water. take measurements, specifically the length and after that purchase all things needed.

Gather the necessary tools and mark the lop on the fascia. Install downspout hangers and then attach gutter hangers and gutter sections. Attach the drain pipes and finally attach gutters. Follow the 7 easy steps to install vinyl gutters.

Determine the location

The vital step in installing the vinyl gutter is to determine where you want the rainwater to drain.

You can either have a rain barrel to collect the water or make a flawless runoff to guide water far enough from your house. This step should not be taken lightly.

Take measurements of gutter run

The second step is about taking measurements of the house for water drain, it’s actually helpful in finding the number of gutter sections needed for water drainage.

Purchasing the vinyl gutter

In the third step you are going to purchase good vinyl gutter parts or the whole kit depending on your requirement. The Vinyl gutter kit is a little bit expensive. While purchasing you must consider the steps below.

Slop on the fascia board

After purchasing the gutter, the 4th steps mark the slop on the fascia board after every 10 feats. It is a very important step as it helps a lot in the actual installation process of your vinyl gutters making the draining process easier.

Installing downspout outletInstalling downspout outlet

In this step, you need to begin installing downspout outlets. The ideal installation demands these downspout outlets are meant to go on the edge of your house.

Take 1.25 inches of deck screws and attach these outlets with the help of screws.

Attach gutter hangers and hang the gutter sections

The next is to take the gutter hangers and attach them to the fascia boards. Take the deck screws and install. The hanger should be spaced 2 feet apart and hang about 1 inch’s position from the roof edge.

After attaching hangers hang the gutter sections between the hangers and the outlets. Place the gutter section in between outlets.

Attach the section to the next section with the help of a plastic slip joint. If you find an area without outlets, add a cap to avoid any sort of leakage to the downspout.

Attach drain pipesAttach drain pipes

In this step, you are going to attach the drainpipes to your home. Take a cordless drill for this purpose.

First, secure the downspout outlets to the gutter and then connect the downspout elbows with the outlet and the outlet tube comings from the gutters.

Double-check the connections, they should be tight enough otherwise there might be leakage to the pipe.

Fit gutter guards

The final step of the installation process is fitting the gutter guards. Gutter guards are the best solution to avoid any clogging due to debris and other things.

Vinyl gutter kits include gutter guard, if you don’t have to get the new one and protect your gutter for continuous functioning.


Gutters are an important part of a house; gutters make your home protected. Ease of installation and low cost makes them a favorite of every homeowner.

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