How to insulate garage ceiling

How to insulate garage ceiling. There are two basic reasons behind the purpose to insulate the garage ceiling. Air conditioning and heating will not work unless you insulate the ceiling.

Sometimes You may want to insulate the garage for heating or to air condition the garage. Complete insulation of the garage helps in noise cancelation and maintaining the temperature.

To insulate your garage, you need to choose a good insulating material. There are two most popular insulation types, you should get to insulate the garage ceiling.

Get the right tools and techniques for insulating your ceiling. It’s better to hire a contractor or if you or on budget, you can do this easy task by yourself.

How to insulate garage ceilinginsulate garage ceiling

To insulate the garage ceiling, start by purchasing a good insulation type, fiberglass batt or rigid foam are the best ones. Inspect the garage ceiling for any damages and repair the damaged parts.

Purchase the insulation by using the R-value, and then use staples and frictions to fix the insulation. Apply the drywall to protect fiberglass from fire hazards.

To insulate the garage ceiling, follow these four simple procedures.

Inspect the ceiling/check for any damage

Before insulation inspects the ceiling for any damage and repair the damaged parts. Measuring the space between the joists is very important in the insulation process to determine the insulation material you need as stores provide material in standard measurements.

Take a measuring tape and ladder, and measure the height, width, and depth of the joists. For unusual ceiling joists, prepare yourself for cuts to compensate for those.

Purchas insulation based on R-value

R-value varies from location to location, you need to be very careful while purchasing the insulation for your garage ceiling. Purchase insulation on the basis of the R-value of your location.

For the colder locations, the highest value could be R30 while in other locations lowest value could be R13. For the garage ceiling, the joist could be pretty thicker and you need to take extra care for covering all gaps.

Staples and friction

A combination of friction and staples are of very importance to installing insulation. After purchasing the insulation, the next step is installation. You need a ladder or for your convenience, you can get a scaffold and help from a friend.

Fiberglass is one of the best insulations and its installation is very easy. To avoid any kind of errors you need to continuously staple the flange. Experts suggest that after every six inches you should staple but it depends on your choice, do it consistently to avoid any sags.

Friction is an important factor that would be holding fiberglass firm to the position. For unusual joists cut the fiberglass bats as per the need.

Cover with drywall

Fiberglass Batts are more prone to fire hazards, you may need to cover them with drywall. Use the measurements you took earlier to find the height and width of gaps to be filled with the drywall.

You may need assistance from a friend to easily put drywall. Start applying from one side, and cut carefully to avoid any gaps. It should be applied in a way that outside edges meat to stud.


The garage ceiling is mandatory to maintain the garage temperature. like if you are in cold areas and want to keep your garage heated, you need to insulate the garage, and ceiling insulation is much needed.

Similarly, to keep your garage’s temperature cool it’s recommended to insulate the ceiling. Choose the fiberglass or foam boards to insulate the ceiling, and after insulation use drywalls to protect the insulation from fire hazards.

Maintain your garage ceiling insulation by repairing any damages.

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