How to raise alkalinity in pool

How to raise alkalinity in pool. It’s important to maintain the PH level in your pool balanced to keep the pool environment healthy. The alkalinity of the pool is dependent on the nature of the water in the pool.

If water is acidic the pool will have low alkalinity, and it’s bad for the pool and the person swimming. The water in the pool may appear to be safe, but it could be harmful if left untreated. You can fix the alkalinity of your pool by some means.

How to raise alkalinity in poolraise alkalinity in pool

There are many ways you can raise the alkalinity of your swimming pool. Experts suggest the use of sodium bicarbonate, which is a good agent to increase pool alkalinity. Add sodium bicarbonate to your pool and it will work great to increase the alkalinity.

There are other ways you can increase the pool alkalinity, get the alkalinity-increasing products and add them to the pool as suggested by manufacturers.

Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate

Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate is a famous pool product that is used to increase the alkalinity of your pool. This product is easily available by pool shops. Banking soda has priority over other products because it is available readily and little cheaper than other products.

Determine pool alkalinity

Determine the overall alkalinity of the pool Before proceeding to use the baking soda to increase alkalinity. This will helps in identifying either you need to increase the alkalinity or decrease if alkalinity is higher then the recommend level.

Purchase sodium bicarbonate

Purchase the sodium bicarbonate as per the alkalinity level of your pool, if its severely low you may need to buy enough amount. Adding a half or quarter of the demanded amount can fix the low alkalinity issue but still not resolved, add more value of baking soda until the target is achieved.

Make a solution or dilute the baking soda

After determining the right amount of baking soda, make a dilute solution as per the instructions that came with the baking soda container.

Add baking soda to the pool

Baking soda is soluble and dissolves quickly in water, so add it to the pool. Baking soda is a helpful product to increase alkalinity. Add baking soda according to your pool alkalinity.

Don’t stand in the opposite direction of the wind While adding baking soda to the pool. The best practice to add baking soda is adding to all portions rather than in a single place.

Retest the alkalinity

After applying the baking soda treatment, wait for at least six hours. It’s recommended to retest the alkalinity after six hours of wait, and it should not exceed the 24 hours period.

how do i raise the alkalinity in my pool

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