How to remove gorilla glue from metal

How to remove gorilla glue from metal. Gorilla glue is one of the best adhesives with strong bonding capabilities. The Gorilla glue holds things together which are typically hard to bond.

Gorilla-glue favorite to use because the extreme hot and cold temperatures don’t affect the gorilla glue. Other unique features of gorilla glue are that it’s waterproof and does not break bonding in contact with water.

But, sometimes when you apply gorilla glue to the desired surface, it makes its way to unintended surfaces. When you get gorilla glue on the unwanted surface, it’s best to immediately wipe it off, otherwise, it will be a mess.

Check, the different methods explained below to remove gorilla glue from the metal surface.

How to remove gorilla glue from metalremove gorilla glue from metal

There are several methods to remove gorilla glue from a metal’s surface. If the gorilla glue has a small spot, the rubbing alcohol or acetone is suitable to use with a cotton ball.

For the thick layers of gorilla glue, try the paint-thinner oil and sanding method to remove gorilla glue.

After removing gorilla glue use a soapy solution to remove the residue of gorilla glue and to give the bright shiny look.

Use Heat to remove gorilla glue from metal

Gorilla glue in contact with heat loses its bonding with metal surfaces. You need a specific temperature to heat the gorilla glue.

  • Place a piece of metal near the stove or a burning flame.
  • Keep it heating until the metal piece starts turning red. This is the high temperature required to lose the bonding of gorilla glue with metal.
  • Now put the heated piece of metal at the gorilla glue with care. Target the area you want to remove gorilla glue.
  • Check if the glue started melting, wait until the glue turns into liquid. You can get rid of gorilla glue this way.
  • Take a cloth or paper towel and wipe off the surface, Don’t forget to put on your gloves otherwise, gorilla glue will stick to your skin.

Acetone to remove gorilla glue

Acetone is famous for removing dried and harsh chemicals, and it’s very effective in removing gorilla glue from metal surfaces.

It’s also known as a nail polish remover because acetone is used in many nail polish removers. Use the 100 percent pure acetone or get the nail polish remover with acetone.

  • Take good quality acetone and cotton balls. Dip the gorilla glue into the acetone and apply it to the surface you want to remove gorilla glue.
  • To get better results, make sure the cotton ball sits on the gorilla glue for at least 5-10 minutes.
  • Remove the cotton and take a wet cloth to remove the loosened gorilla glue. Wipe off as much as you can.
  • You can scrub the surface of the metal with a sharp knife or another tool to easily get rid of the gorilla glue. It’s recommended to scrub only when the acetone makes the gorilla glue soft.

Use isopropyl or rubbing alcoholUse isopropyl or rubbing alcohol

Isopropyl or rubbing alcohol is a good agent to soften the gorilla glue from the metal’s surface.  Isopropyl alcohol has a good capability to dissolve gorilla glue.

Take a cotton ball, and soak it in the isopropyl alcohol. Apply the cotton swab to the affected surface, and rub the metal surface.

Leave the cotton swab at the gorilla glue for some time, and rinse it under warm soapy water.

Use paint thinner to remove gorilla glue

Paint thinner is a good dissolvent and it works best when other methods fail. Paint thinner has a greater ability to remove the dried gorilla glue from the metal surface.Use paint thinner to remove gorilla glue

Paint thinner works well to get rid of gorilla glue and its residue from the hard metal surface.

Take a cotton ball and apply some paint thinner on it to rub the gorilla glue, rub the surface in a circular motion. Rub the surface and wipe it off with a soft cloth.

Repeat, the process with a cotton ball and paint thinner. Wash the surface with a soapy solution and then rinse with water to get back the shining look.

Use Sanding method

The sanding method is suitable when you have thick mishaps of gorilla glue on the metal surface. Sanding requires patience and elbow grease to remove the gorilla glue.

If the gorilla glue is too thick, cut it away with a sharp knife. Take sandpaper or pumice stone to rub the spot of gorilla glue. Scrub the gorilla glue surface to remove as much as you can.

After using the sanding method clean the surface with a soapy solution, this will remove all residue and brings back the shiny look.


How to remove gorilla glue from metal. Gorilla glue if gets to a surface, will not go off easily. To remove gorilla glue from the unintended surface, you can use acetone, and rubbing alcohol, and for thicker layers use the paint thinner or sanding method.

Take precautionary measures to prevent your skin wear gloves. You should be careful while applying gorilla glue to avoid any possible skin contact and to avoid undesired surfaces.

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