How to tighten belt on troy bilt riding mower

How to tighten belt on troy bilt riding mower. You can tighten the belt of your troy-bilt ridding mover with the help of some suitable tools and by following a series of steps.

With the right tools, you also need a balanced place where you can work on your troy bilt riding mover. Take a wrench and remove the deck cover and the blades to expose the belt.

Lose the cap screw of pully tight the blades as tight as you want them to be. After this test the machine and reattach everything back.

Troy Bilt riding mover is a helpful tool every house should have. Like any other appliance, the troy bilt riding mover also demands adjustments of the blades. It is an easy task to adjust the blades but you need proper tools.

Tools for tightening the belt of your troy-bilt Mover

  • A set of pliers
  • A socket wrench
  • Set of gloves
  • Large plastic sheet
  • A screwdriver

How to tighten belt on troy bilt riding mowertighten belt on troy bilt riding mower

The following six steps can help you tighten your Belt:

Step1: Choose an area to work

For tightening the belt your need your Troy-Bilt riding mover at a balanced surface.

The selected area should be free of debris and other affecting factors. If you find the area on your lawn that would be a great choice.

Step 2: Ensure safety, unplug wires

A Troy-Bilt riding mover is an electric device, playing with internal parts may pose some serious hazards. It’s important to turn off the electric source and remove the plug spark.Ensure safety, unplug wires

Check for the gas tank and empty it completely. The next safety measure is to ensure safety by checking the oil dipstick, to avoid oil leakage when working with the machine.

Step3: Detach the blades

Blades are attached through a unit; you can remove blades by removing the unit. Move to the back tire and remove the screws. To remove the blades, you need to unfasten the retention bolt.

The retention bolt is usually located at the center of the blades. Unfasten the retention bolt and then remove the blade by pulling it out.

Step4: Make Access to the belt

After removing the blades, you can see the belt. To access the belt, you need to remove the screws that are holding the engine baffle which is connected to Deck. After unfastening the screws, remove the belt.

Locate and unfasten the screws holding the engine baffle with the deck. The spring between the transmission pulley and the belt cover is then visible.  Remove the spring for easy access to the belt.

Step-5: Fixing / Tightening the beltFixing Tightening the belt

It is an essential step for adjustments to the belt. You can fix the desired level of the belt.  The driving wheel is connected to the engine by a black rubber belt.

Belt deteriorates as time goes on. The cap screw, which is situated in the pulley’s center, should be checked. Make the screw loose, and then adjust/tight the blade by pulling it as per your desired level.

Step6: Final step is the reinstallation of everything.

After adjustment of the belt, reinstall each and everything you just removed or detached. Reattach the spring, screws, and bolt, for the machine to work efficiently. After reinstallation tests the machine and makes sure it is working accordingly.


Troy Bilt riding mover is a durable machine but belt adjustments are necessary. You only need the proper tools to tighten the belt on your troy-Bilt riding mover.

Follow the series of steps to fix the loosen belt issue. Access the belt by removing the deck cover and blades. Lose the screw of pully and then tighten the blades before reinstalling everything.

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