How To Unlock A Deadbolt Without A Key

How To Unlock A Deadbolt Without A Key. When you don’t have the key, there are several options for unlocking the door.

It depends on what happens first if you’ve locked yourself inside of your home or if you’re unlocked but need to go in through an outside access door such as a garage door.

If you’re locked within your own residence and need to get out, there is no better way than using bobby pins. Bring two with you! Use one at the bottom of the lock, then insert the other one at the top of the lock.

How To Unlock A Deadbolt Without A KeyUnlock A Deadbolt Without A Key

A popular trick to unlock a door without the use of a key is using two bobby pins.

Unlocking with Bobby Pins

If you’re looking for a quicker way to pick a lock, you can create an ‘L’ shape into the tip of your lockpick tool. When removing its rubber cap, do it by cutting off about an inch of the end (making it square).

To actually pick the lock, insert your modified lockpick with the ‘L’ facing up against the edge of your doors. After doing this many times, you should be able to quickly get in using that same technique!

This bobby pin with the wavy area bent into a handle is used to engage the pins in the lock. It will resemble a cup handle if you bend it at a 30-degree angle.

The tip of this bobby pin should resemble a hook when it has been bent. Bending another bobby pin into an L-shape by slightly bending over 1/3 of its length upwards is a terrific strategy to increase your ability to better engage pins in the lock.


A screwdriver long enough to reach and unlock the deadbolt but thin enough to fit into the keyhole will be required.

The best thing to do is to look for one in a variety of sizes so you may use whatever one you believe will work best on your lock, but they should all meet the bill.

Never use a screwdriver that doesn’t have enough grip or one that has too much grip if it doesn’t have enough, you’ll lose control more easily, but if it has too much, you’ll be more likely to injure yourself by accident!

How to open a deadbolt lock with a credit card

We’ll show you how to use a credit card to unlock your door when the key is no longer available.

A credit card can be used to manipulate the lock and unlock an unlocked door, but it can also be used to open a locked door without a key for a variety of other reasons.

Credit cards are known as flexible resin hard resources because they can be used on a variety of locks, including most pin and tumbler locks that use keys!

Unlike the techniques listed above, this method doesn’t rely on padlocks or high-security tapes and wires.

However, this process is not completely safe because it’s often used on locks that have a biased pin, but only successful if the lock isn’t balanced with an armored attack bowl.

This technique aims to strike the latch with force and tear the pin away from being inserted all the way through.

How do you bypass a deadbolt lock?

Using two bobby pins to open a door when you don’t have the correct key is one of the most well-known methods..

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