How to use a Keurig for hot water

How to use a Keurig for hot water. Keurig coffee machine makes your every morning joyful with a cup of energetic coffee.

So we are well aware that Keurig is used to make coffee. Sometimes times you may need a cup of hot water to prepare tea, and there may be questions in your mind that can you use a Keurig to get hot water.

The main purpose of the Keurig coffee maker is to serve you with a cup of coffee but it can be used to get hot water( but not to the boiling point).

There are some Keurig models that offer an on-demand hot water options, but you can still get hot water from the models with no hot water option.

How to use a Keurig for hot waterKeurig for hot water

Keurig can be used to get hot water. To get hot water from your Keurig coffee maker, plug in the machine and turn it on. Wait for the Keurig to heat the water to a specific temperature. Once the Keurig finishes hearing water, lift and close the handle by making sure the pod is not inserted.

Keurig provides different cup sizes to dispense water, choose the desired cup size and then press brew buttons. You Keurig will start dispensing hot water.

There are two types of Keurig coffee-making machines, one that has on-demand hot water option and others without the hot water dispensing option. We will explore each one in detail.

Let’s discuss the Keurig coffee machine without hot water option

Keurig coffee machines have certain models with no hot water on-demand option. It doesn’t mean that you will not be served with hot water, pay attention to the below-explained procedure on how to get hot water from the Keurig coffee maker with no hot water on Demand.

Step by step approach to get hot water from the Keurig coffee machine

  • In the first step, you are required to plug in the coffee maker and switch it on.
  • Check if the water reservoir has enough water to serve your needs. If the reservoir is empty, replenish it with new water.
  • Place a cup on the drip try to collect the hot water.
  • Check if the Keurig has a k-cup, remove the k -cup by pulling the handle up and then close the handle.
  • Choose a cup size that will allow you to acquire the exact amount of water you require. Press the brew cycle and your Keurig will start dispensing hot water.
  • The procedure may vary for some models of Keurig coffee makers. In the case of the K-Duo plus, for example, you must press a few buttons. Press the carafe or pod button, then proceed with the cup size and after that the brew buttons.

Keurig with hot water on Demand

Keurig K-elite is only the Keurig coffee maker that has a built-in function of hot water. It has a hot water button on the control panel and offers you hot water on Demand.

Getting hot water with this type of Keurig coffee machine is very easy, and automated. Press the hot water button, a menu of 5 different cup sizes will appear, choose the desired cup size and you will be served with hot water.


Keurig is a durable coffee machine that comes up with a variety of functions. Sometimes you may wonder how to use hot water, you can get hot water from Keurig by first knowing the model of your Keurig machine. Some Keurig machines provide you hot water with the built-in function “hot water on demand.

But others don’t have this function. You can still get hot water from the Keurig to prepare desired hot drinks. Don’t use your Keurig roughly as it can affect the performance.

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