Kenmore elite refrigerator not cooling

Kenmore elite refrigerator not cooling. Kenmore Elite refrigerators are very good and famous in the market as the people like them more. These refrigerators are very favorite to many peoples.

Here Kenmore Elite refrigerator is not cooling, which means it is not working. There is an issue with the Kenmore Elite refrigerator. When the refrigerator is not cooling, these things indicate a severe problem with it, and this problem is so hard that it is not ended on its own; here, you must try some techniques you have to use for good working.

This appliance works well until it is working, but as every machine gets worse and does not work, it also does not work when it contains an issue.

Kenmore elite refrigerator not coolingelite refrigerator not cooling

You are a client, and you were using the Kenmore Elite refrigerator; that refrigerator works, I don’t know, but I hope this is working well and do not give you the error in the working, but here this refrigerator is not cooling.

If you are searching for a solution to that problem, you are at the right place. There are some problems, and also their solutions to these problems are given:

Condenser coils are not cleaned

Here the issue is with the condenser coils; these coils get worse for some reason. The main reason which is behind the condenser coil problem is that these coils get dirt, and you do not make them clean.

The many common problems that any machine or appliance faces are that the thing that is the cause of the problem is not cleaned, which means it is dirty.

The dirt is as much, and it is stuck in all parts as this do not get out from them quickly, and then your that part will get worse, and you are not aware of it. Same here, The condenser coils are dirty, and they do not allow the refrigerator to make cooling.


Here the problem is the dirty coils, so you have to clean them; when you clean them, you come to know that your problem is solved but if the problem is the same. If your refrigerator is not cooling for another reason, it will not solve.

You clean the condenser coils when facing the problem, and you usually have to clean the condenser coils. Here, in this case, this thing is a must that you have to clean the condenser coils on the excellent working.

The thermostat is creating issuesThe thermostat is creating issues

The thermostat control is creating an issue; here, the temperature control thermostat is not set; this thermostat you have to set.

Sometimes you are in hurriedly and turn the refrigerator in and do not check that the thermostat is working or not or at which temperature it is working.

Must set the thermostat; this is the main part of the refrigerator. When it is not set, the refrigerator’s temperature cannot be set, which is the cause of the problem.


To solve this issue, you have to check and set the temperature control thermostat; this is the main thing that plays a good role in the working and cooling of the refrigerator.

Set the thermostat if there is scorching outside, then set the high cooling temperature because the normal or the low temperature is not good in that season; this setting ultimately depends on the season, which type of the season is then set the temperature of the refrigerator.

The refrigerator is not placed near the window

Always place your refrigerator in front of the window or near the front because the hot gases can be released outside and cool the room.

If these gases can enter the room and around the refrigerator, this is harmful to the refrigerator and does not allow the refrigerator to make cooling. This problem is also: your refrigerator is not placed in front of the window.


Take your refrigerator and place this in front of the window where it gets the fresh air, and its fresh air takes the dirty and hot gases with it that make the back of the appliance hot and does not allow the refrigerator to cool.

When you place this in front of the window, you may see that the refrigerator starts working well and making the cooling that is very good for you as your refrigerator starts working well without paying any charges.

The evaporator fan motor is not goodThe evaporator fan motor is not good

Here is an evaporator fan motor that creates a good environment for the refrigerator.

When this fan is working, you see that the refrigerator is working well without any issues because the evaporator fan is evaporating the extra things and making your food cool and fresh according to your need.

When there is any issue in the fan motor, this is not evaporating the temperature and heating both. If these both are not evaporating, then they are stuck in the refrigerator, and this is the cause of hot in the refrigerator, and it is not making cooling due to this.


The solution for this problem is to check the fan’s motor; if there is any issue with the motor, make this motor correct.

This is the best thing to make the food fresh and cool if the refrigerator has an issue with that component or the part, then make this correct without wasting time because this is a very useful thing for the refrigerator.

When this fan spins, it can evaporate all the heat and different temperatures from the refrigerator, making it fresh and cool. Cooling is significant in the refrigerator because without cooling, the things are not fresh and also get worse, and they cannot eat them.

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