Keurig still says descale after descaling

Keurig still says descale after descaling. It’s the desire of everyone to wake up in the morning with a refreshing cup of coffee.

A good coffee machine makes the job easy to serve you with an energetic cup of coffee. Sometimes it happens that electronic devices can break.

Keurig is one of the most durable coffee machines and it has lights that indicate different errors and alerts. Descale light has importance and alerts users that the Keurig needs to be descaled. There can be several reasons behind the Keurig light still saying descale your Keurig.

Keurig still says descale after DescalingKeurig still says descale after Descaling 2022

The water contains minerals that can affect Keurig’s performance. These minerals build up inside the Keurig and there will be no water coming off the Keurig.

So, descaling will break the minerals buildup resulting in Your Keurig indicating the descale light, it’s better to descale the Keurig first and reset, this will fix the issue. Descale the Keurig to fix the problem.

Common reasons could be the scale build-up in the Keurig due to minerals in the water. The refillable K-cup if packed up tightly affects the water flow and the descaling light may start blinking.

Another reason could be the low maintenance of your Keurig coffee maker. Improper use of the coffee maker also requires descaling.

Easy steps to descale the Keurig coffee machine

Here are the following easy steps to fix the scale build-up inside the Keurig. Follow the steps one by one to effectively perform the descaling job.

  • Start by turning off your Keurig coffee-making machine, and unplug the machine from the socket.
  • The second step is about emptying the water from Keurig and removing the water filter.
  • It is advised to use a Keurig descaling solution to remove the scale and gunk. Fill the water reservoir with the descaling solution.
  • Now turn on the Keurig machine and place a large coffee mug on the stand.
  • Look for the 10oz button and run the cycle. You need to repeat the process until you get the notification to add more water.
  • After every brewing cycle empties the container and place it again on the stand.
  • Keep the Keurig power on for at least 30 minutes.
  • Empty the water reservoir and re-fill it with fresh water as recommended. And repeat the brewing process again until the taste of the cleaning solution goes off.
  • If the Keurig still says descale after descaling, repeat the process again with a suitable descaling agent.

Cleaning the Keurig Needles to fix the descaling light

The exit needle in the Keurig is of very important that needs to be cleaned to eliminate the alert of descaling light after descaling Keurig. If the needle is blocked you will get an alert and the Keurig says descale after descaling.

Steps to clean the Keurig exit needle:

  • Turn off the Keurig machine and unplug it from the socket.
  • To remove the pod holder, lift the handle and grab the pod holder with one hand, and with the help of the other hand push up.
  • After removing the pod handler, remove the funnel from the pod handler.
  • Take a tooth picker or paperclip and clean the exit needle to remove any blockage.
  • to effectively clear any dirt, move the paperclip or toothpick for around 1 minute.
  • Turn on the faucet and rinse the pod handler under running water.
  • Open the brewers head and clean the entrance needle with the help of a paper clip.
  • After finishing the cleaning process, fix the pod holder back to the Keurig machine.

Using Alternatives of Keurig descaling solution

There are many other solutions available to descale the Keurig when the descaling light turns on.

The cleaning solutions or the descaling solutions sometimes are not desired because of their cost. Try the following cleaning solutions to fix the descaling light on the Keurig coffee maker.

White vinegar to descale the Keurig coffee maker

White vinegar is a strong cleaning solution to fix up the descaling light on the Keurig coffee machine. Experts suggest using vinegar and water in an equal ratio.

  • Turn off the Keurig machine, and add water to the container with half-filled vinegar.
  • Place the mug on the stand and turn on the coffee maker machine.
  • Run a brewing cycle to break the scale build due to lime and calcium.
  • You will be notified to add more water, and keep running the process again and again.
  • If descale light is still on, repeat the whole process by adding more water and vinegar.

Citric acid to Descale Keurig coffee machine

The citric acid in the powdered form can be easily found at the grocery, and it turns very effective to deal with lime and calcium build-up in your Keurig.

The procedure of using Citric acid is the same as the normal procedure of descaling the Keurig machine. Fill water in the container of the Keurig machine and add two spoons of citric acid, and run the brewing cycle.


This is a common situation faced by many users. Descale light alerts the users about descaling the Keurig to break the calcium and lime build-up, which stops the flow of water.

keep your Keurig coffee machine maintained to work efficiently by performing a proper cleaning after fewer use.

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