Lowes not honoring Kobalt warranty

Lowes not honoring Kobalt warranty. Lowes may deny or refuse honoring the Kobalt warranty due for certain reasons. Lowes can refuse honoring a warranty if you fail to provide proof of purchase like an original receipt, or credit card, and driving license.

Sometimes internal feature of the system (fraudulent alert) flags your id and a warranty will be denied. There might be an issue with the previous returns and your id is flagged.

The solution to the problem is, to try to provide proof of purchase. If after presenting the proof of purchase, Lowes still refuses the Kobalt warranty, explain to them the Kobalt Guarantee fine print.

Lowes not honoring Kobalt warrantyLowes not honoring Kobalt warranty 2022

There can be several reasons but the fraudulent alert and lake of proof of purchase can be the reasons. Let’s explore fraudulent alerts and proof of purchase in detail.

A system feature (fraudulent alert)

Lowes has a built feature of the system known as a fraudulent alert. The alert feature flags the IDS of customers if there is a problems/issues with the previous returns.

Many of the customers were affected by this feature and then a deeper study of the system indicated that the fraud alert is a common issue. To get rid of this issue you have to contact their customer support system first, to clarify the issue.

Proof of purchase

You must provide proof of purchase to redeem your Kobalt warranty; else, things could go sideways. It’s better to recommend saving the evidence of purchase.

Many customers, misinterpret the term hassle-free. Even the customers are not well aware of the warranty claim procedure and think it’s not necessary to show up proof of purchase.

Well, Lowes has strong terms and conditions that to exchange the product show must show proof of purchase. There are three main things you can show as proof of purchase.

Original receipt is the most valid proof of purchase that must be presented at the time of return/ claiming the warranty. A warranty claim is denied when you fail to present the original receipt.

If you don’t have the original receipt, a credit card might be used as an alternative form of proof of purchase. You can show the credit card used when purchases were made. A credit card shows the history of any purchase made.

A valid driving license can be used as valid proof for claiming the warranty. You can present the driving license to the customer service staff for the return of the product.


Lowes not honoring the Kobalt warranty, if the denial is due to lake of proof of purchase, you can fix it by presenting the proof of purchase.

Or if on showing proof of purchase it still refusing due to a fraudulent alert of the system, contact the customer support to remove the flag from your id.

If they are still not honoring the warranty, present them the Kobalt Guarantee fine print and it will fix the issue.

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