Maytag centennial dryer not heating

Maytag centennial dryer not heating. It’s a very frustrating situation when the centennial dryer becomes faulty and is not producing heat. And it becomes most frustrating when you put your clothes in it for emergency situations.

When the Maytag dryer is not heating there can be several things, like a faulty igniter, or power problems. Sometimes thermostat gets faulty like a high limit thermostat or cycling thermostat.

When this kind of situation occurs it’s better to find the cause of the problem. But before proceeding to find the cause, turn off the power of the dryer.

Maytag centennial dryer not heatingMaytag centennial dryer not heating 2022

Imagine you put clothes in the machine and after finishing the cycle, upon opening your dryer you find clothes are still wet as they were before.

This indicates that the dryers are not heating and it might be possible its components got defective. Let’s explore some important factors one by one.

Take the initial steps, inspect the settings, and power

The important and initial steps are to check the power status of the device and check for the breaker box. Dryers require 240V to run and heat up, but if the one power leg is not working you may get the error of Maytag dryer is not heating up.

Well, the second most important thing is the settings of the centennial dryer, there are many options and some of them don’t require that much heat as the wrinkle release option.

Check the Clogged Exhaust vent

Exhaust vents are meant to vent the air at a fast pace, but if it gets clogged there can be some serious problems. The clogged Exhaust vent can prevent your centennial dryer from heating.

Actually, after clogging it builds up a very high temperature in that area and the thermostat gets a false reading for high-limit. So, first, check for clogging and remove any blockage to fix the problem.

A burnt heating elementA burnt heating element

The heating element’s job is to heat the air entering the dryer drum for drying the cloths. When the heating element gets broken/ damaged or burnt it will cause the problem that your Centennial Dryer is not heating.

Open the cabinet and check for the heating element’s status, use a multimeter to test the continuity. If the heating element is defective, replace it because it’s an irreparable component.

Faulty high limit thermostat

The high limit thermostat is a device that monitors the temperature of the dryer. A faulty high limit thermostat can cause the problem of the dryer, not heating. Check the high-limit thermostat for any fault.

Open the cabinet of the dryer and test the high limit thermostat for continuity of current by using a multimeter device. If there is continuity device is good but if not, replace the thermostat.

Cycling thermostatCycling thermostat

A cycling thermostat is a device that cycles heating elements on and off depending on the temperature. It continuously monitors the temperature of the dryer.

If the cycling thermostat is defective it’s better to replace it. Checking the cycling thermostat for fault is the same as checking the high-limit thermostat.

You can find the cycling thermostat between the exhaust and blower housing.


Well replacing the Maytag dryer is not necessary you need to find the cause of the problem first, and then repair the defective part of the dryer. Find the faulty part and replace it with a new one. Take proper safety measurements before checking the machine for problems.

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