Removing baseboard heaters

Removing baseboard heaters. The old houses still have the traditional old baseboard heating systems. Baseboard heaters are good to use but they are beginning to age out.

Replacing the baseboard heaters is needed to upgrade your home. Baseboard heating systems consume high energy so replacing them is recommended to save energy.

The new advancements in thermodynamics have changed heating systems. Every homeowner wants to change the heating systems by removing the baseboard heaters.

The homeowners find it challenging to remove the baseboard heaters buts it’s an easy task. Remove the old baseboard heaters and get the new one to enhance the beauty of your house. You can remove your baseboard by following the guide below.

Removing baseboard heatersRemoving baseboard heater

To remove the baseboard heaters, turn off the systems. Switch it off from the circuit breaker of your home. Unscrew the heating systems and mounting brackets. Now, take out the heater from the wall. Expose and cut the wires, after cutting wires seal them.

cover the box to avoid accidents. Get a new energy-efficient heating system to make your home thermodynamically comfortable.

Follow the recommended steps below to effectively remove the baseboard heaters from your home.

Turn off the power

Switching off the power should be the first priority to avoid any electric hazards, not playing with the electricity is extremely dangerous.

This step is compulsory to ensure your safety. Find the location of the breakers supplying power to the baseboard heaters.

It’s important to choose the right breaker, don’t touch any breaker if they are not labeled.

Remove the heater unit cover

The second step is about removing the heater cover, you can easily pop out the cover.

But some of the heating units have screws which hold the cover firm. Take a screwdriver and remove the screw to expose the actual baseboard heater.

Recheck the power supply

To ensure your safety recheck the power and locate the power supply box. Take an electric assisting tool like a tester to make sure there is not current supply.

The tester helps to check that there is no power in the heating unit.

Cut off the powerCut off the power

Take screw driver to open the protective box where electric power line connects to the heating unit.

Wires are mostly connected with screws or nuts, remove the nuts to remove the wires.

Note: it’s important to cap the wires you just removed, to protect yourself and your family. Precaution is very important to keep yourself protected from any unwanted occurrence.

Unscrew mounting brackets

Mounting brackets are connected to the wall, and the style of the brackets is dependent on the type of the manufactures.

Every manufacturer has their own design and styles for the brackets. Unlatching the baseboard heaters provides flexibility to easily unscrew the mounting brackets and removing them separately.

If the heater is not coming off easily, check for the screws holding the heater with wall, remove them first and then you can remove the mounting brackets.

Final step is cleaning up the remains

Cover all the wires with care, if there is box then put wires inside the box. Cover the box to avoid any incident. Check the walls for any wires and cover it. Double check everything to protects family members from an accident.


Baseboard heaters are good to keep your house warm, but they are beginning to age out. You need proper knowledge and tools to remove the baseboard heaters. Without prior knowledge you should avoid playing with the baseboard heaters, it can pose serious electrical hazards.

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