Removing wallpaper with fabric softener

Removing wallpaper with fabric softener. Wallpapers can be removed using the fabric softener solution with hot water. Wallpaper makes your wall look more elegant, allowing you to choose the desired designs.

But with the passage of time, they make your house look outdated. To add new wallpaper or to paint the wall you need to completely get rid of the preinstalled wallpaper.

It’s possible to remove the old wallpaper by yourself. By having some knowledge about the wallpaper type, your wall type, and some other components you can easily remove the wallpaper in an inexpensive manner.

Removing wallpaper with fabric softenerRemoving wallpaper with fabric softeners

Vacant the room

It is important to remove all the items from the room to make enough space for you to easily remove wallpaper.

Take all of the items from the wall, and remove furniture and other materials. Cover all electric outlets to keep yourself protected from hazards.

Peeling off the wallpaper

Peeling off the wallpaper involves scoring wallpaper with some tool like a scoring knife. You need to be very cautious while peeling, don’t apply any extra force it can affect the wall.

Check for the loose edges and peel them off, once you have managed the upper stubborn layer the rest can easily be dealt.

Prepare a mixture of fabric softener

Prepare a mixture of fabric softener with water, take ¼ fabric softener and mix it with ¾ hot water. For better results, you can use a few drops of dawn dish soap ( it has great power to penetrate the remaining paper for easy peel-off).

You can use either a spray bottle or a sponge. For the spray bottle fill the mixture and get ready to work.

Apply mixture

The best practice to apply the mixture is section by section rather than applying as a whole. Take a spray bottle and spray the solution to the desired section and wait for 15 minutes.

The same procedure is for Spong as well. Make sure the spray is enough to penetrate the wallpaper parts. Apply solution and remove wallpaper in the smaller sections it makes the job easier for you.

Scrap the selected area

After the wait time is over, scrap the selected area carefully to remove the wallpaper and glue or another supporting element. Check if there are still some stubborn remains of wallpaper, apply the solutions and wait for some time, and repeat the scrap process again.

If still, you find it hard to remove some parts, take a handheld steamer to finish the job. The handheld steamer helps to make the glue loosen and then you can remove it with fewer efforts.

Wait for the drying period

Before proceeding to the sand process leave the wall to dry for at leas 24 hours to 48 hours. You can use fans or open the windows to speed up the drying process. Its important to dry the wall before applying sand because it not be an effective movement.

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