Signs of a collapsed sewer line

Signs of a collapsed sewer line. The sewer lines are underground water drainage system that helps in drainage. There are two types of clogs one is in the sink, bath sink, and toilets, which is easier to handle.

The second is the worst type of clog that’s inside the main sewer line. The clog inside the main sewer line can cause damage to the sewer line and it may collapse.

To fix the clogged or collapsed sewer line is expensive. Some signs in your house surroundings indicate you have a collapsed sewer line.

Signs of a collapsed sewer linecollapsed sewer line

A collapsed sewer line is a mess deal with, you can find if your sewer line is collapsed, by knowing the following signs. When your sewer line is collapsed, there can be slow drainage or more than one fixture could be clogged.

A sudden lush and greener lawn. The soaked lawn and mold/mildew also indicate your sewer line is collapsed.

A smell of sewage

Normally, the sewage lines don’t have a noticeable sewage smell. If it is a pungent or sewage-like smell around your house, it might be a sign of a cracked sewer line.

Drainage got slowDrainage got slow

The most common sign of a broken sewer line is that your drainage gets slow.

If you notice more than one area such as the sink, tub and toilet has slow drainage, and the remedies are not working. It’s time to approach a professional for assistance.

Check if there are more than one clogs

The main sewer line connects all drainages. So when the sewer line collapsed, there will be more than one fixtures clogs.

If you notice there is bubbling in the toilet, or your sink is draining slowly, and the bath is also draining slow, this can be a sign of collapsed sewer.

Suddenly, a beautiful green lawn/lawn gets flooded all of the time

A lush and thriving is pleasant to see, but a sudden greener lawn might be a sign of collapsed sewer lawn. If the sewer line is outside, it poses several effects on your lawn.

With a damaged sewer line, water gains access to the lawn, and you may notice the lawn is constantly soaked. If the lawn area is lushed and greener, as compared to other parts, shows that the sewer is collapsed in that place.


The infestations may also indicate that the sewer line has collapsed. The pesky pest is like the drainage lines and when there is a crack inside the sewer line the pest may invade your house through this way.

Mold and mildew in Homes interior

Mold and mildew are among the common signs, which show that there might be breakage in the sewer line. A collapsed sewer line causes water to invade your house foundation, walls, interior, and exterior.

The mold and mildew badly affect your health and your house. So, pay attention and inspect any signs of mold and mildew to check if there is collapsed sewer line.

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