Snake holes in yard

Snake holes in yard. Holes in the yard could be a sign of snakes in the yards. Snake holes in the yard should be taken seriously, snakes can be scary and immediate action should be taken when you notice snake hole in the yard.

Snakes can make nests in the holes made by other insects such as rodents. The holes in the yard indicate that something scaly might be lurking nearby.

At first glance, You can determine either the hole belongs to snakes or other insects. But there are some factors that indicate the hole belongs to snakes. Follow the guide below to determine how to identify the snakes’ holes in the yard.

Snake holes in yardSnake holes in yard 2022

Snake holes are circular in diameter but the shape of snake openings depends on the size of snake. The holes can be in the yard, under sticks, on grass, and under piles of logs. To identify the snake hole, try to look for a shed of skins, and examine the surroundings.

If you find any hole in the yard, cover it with sand or contact the professional exterminator.

Factors to identify if you have snake hole in the yard

Shedding skins

Snakes have the ability to shed their skin to get rid of dead cells and parasites. Shedding skins is a natural process and most snakes shed skins once a month.

To shed the skin snakes, interact with hard surfaces or any hard material to break down their skin. Try to look for shed skins Near rocks or other materials.

If you find the shed skin in your house/ yard area your suspicion is well confirmed, but note some other insects may bring the shed skin. Well, if there are no signs of shed skin, or you don’t find it, check the for the next possible sign.

Recognize the habitat

Snakes of a different kinds like different environments to live in. First of all, determine the environment type around your living place.

Then you can confirm the snake hole and the relevant type of snake likely living there.

Look for fecal matter

Fecal matter of the snake can also be helpful in identifying the snake hole. Fecal matter is dependent on the diet of any animal.

Snakes diet is insects, mammals and small reptiles, so any remaining traces in the fecal indicate the snake hole.

Check the surroundings of the hole

Surrounding conditions of the hole can also indicate either it belongs to a snake or not. Check the entrance of the hole, if it is free of debris, there are no spider webs and fallen leaves.

If there is debris and the hole is covered with spider webs then it’s free of the occupant.

Ways to fix Snake holes in the yard

Ignore or leave it alone

the easiest thing is to avoid the snake hole in the yard. There are some snakes that are very shy and harmless, when they hear you, they hide.

Snakes eat pests and other insects in your yard, so leaving it alone is a better option. Or if you are scared of the snake holes proceed to the next steps for alternate solutions.

Cover the hole to discourage snake from coming back

Take a proper covering material it can be boards, burlap, or wire fencing. As snakes like the holes because the holes are cool and dark.

On discovering the snake holes in your property it’s recommended to cover the holes, doing so discourages the snakes from returning back to your yard.

Note: Take proper precautions while covering the snake holes, you may encounter the snake.

Approach a professional exterminator

If you are afraid of the snake holes or get panic with snakes being on your property, you can get help from professional exterminators.

The pest control department is one of the best solution providers, they will check your property for snakes and provides some good suggestions like snake preventions fence, etc.


Sometimes rodents and other insects make the hole in your yard and backyard. Snakes make their nest in the rodents’ holes. Snakes are scary, so deal with the holes carefully. Don’t panic and get rid of snake holes carefully and stay calm.

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