Vaulted ceiling recessed lighting

Vaulted ceiling recessed lighting. Recessed lighting is one of the most powerful factors in adding a sleek and understated glow to your living room or other gathering spaces.

Vaulted ceilings have many pros that most people love to have like they provide a good sort of storage space. Adding is a doable task, you can install them but with preventive measures.

Use the right tools and cans for installing the recessed lighting. You must take precautionary measures while installing the wiring, to prevent any electrical accidents.

Choose a good fixture for installing the vaulted ceiling, get the right fixture to make the installation secure.

Vaulted ceiling recessed lightingVaulted ceiling recessed lighting 2022

Vaulted ceiling gives your home decoration a sleek touch. To install the cut hole in the vaulted ceiling. After making a hole, install the wiring needed for the lighting. Install the trims and the relevant springs to install the lighting.

Follow the three easy steps to install the vaulted recessed lighting.

Cut a hole in vaulted ceiling

After identifying the right area for your light, the next step is cutting the hole. There are various options for cutting a hole, you may go for a wall cutting saw or drill.

The drill is more suitable as it provides freehand hole cutting. Use a proper tool with a drill for cutting holes in the ceiling. Mount the fixtures and finish up things to install the lighting.

Start your drill at a slow speed and avoid getting deeper. While cutting the hole make sure the drill is not going to make any damage to wires.

Install wiring needed for lightingInstall wiring needed for lighting

After creating a hole, the next step is to install wiring. Now, first of all, you need to run the cables from the power source switch box, after that run cable through holes.

You need extra cables about 16 inches in length to make the wiring process easier. Here you need a drill for running cable through the joist, and run cable through the ceiling joist.

Check for the light junction box and run cable through it, the order should be a white wire with white, black to black, and ground wire to ground wire.

After attaching all cables with the right pair, insulate the wires. After finishing all fold, the wires and put them in the box for safety reasons.

Mount Fixtures and install trims

Mounting the fixtures is the most important concern. Most commonly the fixtures come with 4 clips for the easy fixing of the recessed lighting.

The first step, slip the clips inside to avoid any obstacles while adding housing to the designated area.

Now slip the light housing into the hole you created earlier, and push the housing until it easily sits. push the clips gently up and outward, until the fixture is connected and clamped perfectly.

Lighting trims need squeezable rod springs for mounting securely. Coil springs can be used to mount the trims for recessed lighting.

For rod springs, check the assigned openings and insert both ends of each spring into the dedicated place, and push springs to their positing for secure fitting.

For coil springs, check the housing can and hook each spring to the dedicated place. Pull the springs to connect to the trim and guide the springs to their position.


The home look great with less space taken. But the matter of concern to choosing the right tools and fixtures to install the lighting for the vaulted ceiling.

Check the room dimensions and existing ceiling, and follow the safety guidelines to install the wiring and fixtures. Keep a proper check and balance to fix any light if getting damaged or loosen from its dedicated place.

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