What dissolves dog poop in the yard

What dissolves dog poop in the yard. It’s a most common and regularly asked question about dealing with the dog poop in your lawn.

Dogs have a Habit of pooping around your law, and they love doing this. There are many options to get rid of dog poop.

A 50-50 solution of vinegar, gardening lime, enzyme-based dissolution, and many other options are proved to be a good agent in dissolving dog poop. The gardening lime can create problems too, like skin burning and destroying your law-sensitive plants.

Dissolving dog poop is not always recommended, better off just picking and removing the dog poop. Dissolving the dog poop imposes some negative affect on your lawn. You can approach professionals for removing the yellow spots of the lawn.

What dissolves dog poop in the yarddissolves dog poop in the yard

Vinegar, gardening lime and enzymes-based dissolvers are good to use to dissolve dog poop in the yard. Sprinkle the gardening lime on the dog poop and it will start dissolving.

A similar method you can apply to use vinegar and enzymes-based dissolvers. You can also get commercial products to dissolve the dog poop in the yard.

Vinegar as a dog poop dissolver

Think of vinegar as a dog poop dissolving agent. Vinegar is a good deodorizer and has a great ability to disinfect your lawn and garden, with a good but partially dissolving capability for dog poop.

Vinegar proved to be a good cleaning agent for various lawn types, and when it comes to dissolving dog poop, vinegar has some good results.

Vinegar is not the best option for those with a sensitive nose, avoid using it. The use of vinegar also turns the poop mushy rather than dry. You should try the other option if this doesn’t seem to be fit for you.

Enzyme-Based Dissolvers:

Enzyme-based dissolvers are one of the best options to keep your lawn pristine without hurting your dog. Many companies are working on different products to make your lawn urine odor-free.

Enzyme-based dissolving solutions are great for removing the urine odor, dog poop, and other messes created by dogs.

Gardening lime

Are you familiar with the agricultural lime, yeah, we are talking about gardening lime, which is very effective in dissolving dog poop? Gardening lime finishes the job of dissolving dog poop in a matter of days. It’s the best solution but it comes with two major drawbacks.

Gardening lime if used in the excess amount can damage the sensitive plants, so always use it in a limited amount. Gardening lime has a burning effect on your skin if you made direct contact without PPE. Better to use gloves when deciding to use these methods.

Baking soda to deodorize your yard

Baking soda has great deodorizing power, it removes unpleasant smells from your yard. Take a spray bottle and add4 cups of baking soda and water into the spray bottle.

Add lemon juice and orange peels. Spray the baking soda solution into the yard and target the areas that smell. Avoid overuse as saturating the soil makes things worst.


Dog poop in the yard is a chore to clean, and everyday cleaning is hard. You might be looking for home remedies to get rid of dog poop from the yard. Vinegar and gardening limes are the best home remedies to dissolve dog poop in the yard.

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