Whirlpool dryer won’t start but has power

Whirlpool dryer won’t start but has power. Whirlpool dryers are trustable appliances but there can be defects and problems sometimes. It happens the whirlpool dryer has power but still fails to run/start.

The difficulty could be caused by a number of things. there might be a problem with the start switch, or a blown fuse can cause the dryer to not run. A fault in the door switch also prevents the dryer from starting.

Whirlpool dryer won’t start but has powerdryer won't start but has power

Check Tha Below 5 Steps To Fix Issue:

Check the dryer setting.

If the dryer has power and is not getting started, there might be a case of improper settings. The dryer comes with different settings for different tasks.

For example, the “automatic” or Timed cycles are the primary settings that the control knob should be set to start the dryer. Besides this, if for the same models you select the wrinkles reduction option then the dryer won’t start easily.

Some dryers have extra safety features like child lock and control lock, check if your dryer has opted for any of the locks. The lock will be removed if you hold the start button for at least 3 seconds.

A faulty start switches

Every dryer has a start switch for turning it on. If the dryer is not starting even though there is power, it might be a faulty switch. To check if the switch is faulty, plug the dryer into the socket and turn on the electric supply.

Press the start switch of the dryer, and monitor the dryer’s behavior. If there is no sound or vibration when you press the switch button, it is a cause of a faulty switch.

Take your multimeter to test the switch. If the switch has gone bad replace the switch with the new one.

Door is not closed properlyDoor is not closed properly

The dryer has a safety feature if your door is not latched properly, it won’t start. The problem might be with the door switch. To test the door switch, close the door and sense a clicking sound.

If there is no sound it indicates the switch is faulty and the door is not closed.  But if there is a clicking sound while closing the door, it means the door switch is fine and you need to explore other things for possible fault

A blown thermal fuse

The thermal fuse is an important part of the dryer it is used as a precautionary tool, it monitors heat, and turns off the machine when overheating occurs. You may face the problem of a dryer won’t start but has power, and the cause is the thermal fuse is faulty.

If the vents of the dryer get clogged, they may cause the fuse to blow. To check if the fuse is blown, look for the heating element, it’s either under or back of the heating element. If there is no clogging in the vent, take a multimeter and check your fuse for continuity.

The drive Motor

The dryer has a motor that turns and a belt, which tumbles the machine. Sometimes a single part or entire motor goes out, which can be the cause of the dryer not starting.

Even if sometimes the motor’s blower wheel gets blocked, make sure there are no obstructions to it. Else the motor is defective and needs some professional service or replacement.

Whirlpool Dryer Won’t Start

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